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A little bit about me...



I am an emerging artist originally from Farmingdale, New Jersey. I spent the majority of my twenties living in California and returned to my East Coast roots shortly after receiving my bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Humboldt State University in 2011. I now reside in Staunton, VA with my husband and our two young daughters, Shirley and Edie Lou.

My work is a scattered re-interpretation of my roots as well as a collaboration with my grandfather and great-grandfather, since I have been drawing inspiration from the seemingly endless stockpile of photographs they took throughout their lives. My subjects are strangers to the viewer (and often myself), however they have the ability to remind us of someone. Through their anonymity, they become that person we already know. I am essentially working to create something that induces a feeling of nostalgia in the viewer, giving them an opportunity to feel a personal connection to the subject, like a blurred memory or a glimpse of an old friend.

More recently I have been focusing on pet portraiture. As a dog owner myself, I understand how much people love their animals and it brings me so much joy to be able to help them commemorate their four legged friends.



She Will in Time in on Paper 2004

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